Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions: DC Version

I think that it is a bit funny that I see more politicians and politicos in and around Barelas than DC, but I'm sure this is because I'm out and about more here than there. Best places to spot them on a weekday morning? Downtown Flying Star, Nob Hill Satellite, Red Ball Cafe, and of course, Barelas Coffee shop. Three of these are within walking distance of mi casa, which makes it easy.

Monday I posted my DCF blog on New Year's resolutions for Albuquerque. Today I've promised some DC-related resolutions. Some of them, like the belly dancing, work in both places.

Here goes:

1. Take a walk through a different neighborhood in the District once a month. I've been eying the Capitol Hill/Eastern Market walk for some time now, but there's also cool stuff like this Poetry Walk, Washington Walks (they've already told me they're happy to work with my FM system, which seems like no big deal, but not everyone is this enthusiastic), and the self-guided Neighborhood Heritage Trails put together by Cultural Tourism DC, which is an incredible resource.

2. Get off campus once a day. This goal is to help me achieve more balance and less workaholism in my life - sometimes I'm so immersed in work that the only time I leave campus is to go to the airport. Not a good thing, fyi.

3. Do something touristy once a month in DC and surrounding areas like Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis. This list is a good start.

That's it for the DC-related goals, all of which point to trying to achieve a balance between work and the rest of life, which is something I struggle with when I'm away from mi casita de Barelas.

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