Thursday, January 14, 2010

Readjusting to Bigger City Life

After spending more than a few days in my beloved Barelas, it always takes me a few days to get into the rhythms of Washington. This time is no different. If anything, it is more bumpy than usual.
(There I go again, trying to put the sentence on my hands into my fingers...)

I've been carless in DC for 18 months now - most times this is just fine, though when it is bitter cold and I'm just getting back to town, the idea of walking 2 miles to stock up on groceries is not my idea of fun. Neither is the idea of waiting at the bus stop on Sunday evening in the bitter cold. And the irony of doing this as an effort to reduce my carbon footprint is not lost on me. But you do what you have to do.

So the groceries are in my refrigerator, my bags are (mostly) unpacked, and I am trying to get my office moved and organized. Moving an office is more work than I realized. I think it is worth the extra 24 square feet, though. I now have room for a small table and chairs - this is great for meeting with students or other people. Meeting people with a desk between us is not my preference - it feels like too much distance psychologically.

My mind has settled into the rhythms of ASL/English again - had dinner last night with one of Sleeping Beauty's godfathers who is here in town for a conference. For a few minutes (because he greeted me in ASL and responded to my first question in ASL though he's hearing) I was in ASL mode - then realized that I was in the "wrong" language. So the rest of our conversation was in English. I learned much about ethical issues in urban planning and am still mulling over some ideas in response to this.

So, a new year, a new office, a new semester, and new ideas sparked by conversation with an old friend! What could be better, eh?

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