Saturday, January 2, 2010

Counting the Days

I decided that my kitchen needed a 2010 calendar and joined the hordes at Uptown Borders to pick one up. Picking were slim: puppies, kittens, food porn, and Princess Protection calendars. I didn't get too close to the latter, but I think these are for girls who believe that they are really princesses stashed away in another family - a witness protection fantasy for preteen girls.

I was lucky enough to grab the last Jonathan Green calendar - he's a Gullah artist whose reproduced images I've long admired on a colleague's bulletin board. The blues and oranges and reds of his paintings work well in my kitchen, and perhaps it'll inspire me to head to South Carolina this year to see his work in person - I've been curious about Gullah culture for years.

After purchasing a calendar and browsing through too many books to count, Most Favorite Son and I headed over to Trader Joe's for a few items. I'm convinced that Descartes' Evil Demon designed their parking lot.

The holiday season is winding down. We've got a denuded Christmas tree clothed only in lights in the living room - we may leave this up until Epiphany/Orthodox Christmas. Ditto for the farolitos, which are stacked on the front porch. I've started taking down the Kwanzaa tableau. First on the list is to cook the Kwanzaa mazao - Caribbean sweet potato balls for dinner tonight!

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